Experience The Natural Goodness Of Golden Boronia Nougat

Golden Boronia Nougat is the Unforgettable Taste of Australia!

Made with the natural goodness of honey, almonds,eggs, glucose syrup, edible wafer paper and is 100% cholestrol free! Our product is a delightfully crunchy nougat that explodes in the mouth with a tantalising nutty flavour that’s locked in until the very last minute.

Far from brittle, yet definitely not soft, each bite sized piece is packed with energy and with over 50% nuts in every batch comes with a special crunch all of it’s own.

Our nougat is delicious on it’s own, but it also goes especially well with a cup of coffee, or crumbled as a topping on your favourite ice cream. It also makes the perfect, nutritious, energy restoring snack. Golden Boronia Nougat – It’s the original golden taste of Australia!

Awards, Halal & HACCP Certified

Golden Boronia has been awarded the 2002, 2003 and 2004 EXPORT AWARD by Business Enterprise Centre Inc.

Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, Golden Boronia manufactures its special nougat at their state of the art modern facility located in the heart of Kewdale, Western Australia.

We have developed and implemented a document HACCP Plan (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) as part of our food safety program to ensure that our customers are assured a food safe product. We have been certified by SGS International. 

We are also Halal certified and make perfect gifts for your Muslim friends.
Halal Certified Nougats
HACCP Golden Boronia

Nutritional Awesome

Golden Boronia Nougat are made of the finest food ingredients. It is CHOLESTROL FREE and contains at least 50% roasted almonds in each batch.

Visit our online stall to see the nutritional information and ingredients of each nougat for nougat variety.

People all over the world ❤ golden boronia

Incorporated in 1989, Golden Boronia is an Australian family owned company.
Our state of the art modern facilities are located in Kewdale WA, where we make our nougat; t
he unforgettable taste of Australia!

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